Monday, February 19, 2007

Billy Jack!

My brother was watching Billy Jack this afternoon and I tuned in during lunch. I'd forgotten what a rape-fest it was, although I'd watched it about three or four times a million, zillion years ago in a theater. That dates me, I know.

Even as a child, I always loved the way the characters keep calling Billy Jack 'Indian.'

My great-grandfather was an Indian and my grandmother and mother looked/look fully Indian. Although, for all I knew, he may have been as Indian as anyone ever, Tom Laughlin surely looked fully Caucasian to me when I was a kid.

I googled Tom Laughlin and found that he's an active opponent of the war in Iraq, as well as much more of a mogul than I'd imagined.

He's asking for investors for a film called Billy Jack's Moral Revolution even as I write this.We're not on the same side of politics, or aesthetics for that matter, but he's made real money in indie film. (This is truly rare, by the way--if you don't know that.)

I'd bet he'd make your money back on anything you invested in him.

Go invest, people.

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