Saturday, February 3, 2007

Down, Down.

It's Saturday.

Have you ever let anyone down? And I mean by that, down?

Yeah. That's basically a rhetorical question. We've all let somebody(ies) down sometime(s).

But have you really ever surprised yourself? Found yourself in a place you hadn't thought you could be because, God knows, you'd never seen any map to get there?

Looking around, saying to yourself, 'well now, that's how it feels to have sunk as low as you can.'

I've been there, and recently, and it's no pleasure.

Problem is, of course, when you're a horse's ass, the only folks to watch this process at the end are the ones who really love you. And they're the ones you'd rather not see it or put through it. And yet, only the people who love you forgive you. A strange science of sadness, there, I'd say.

But hope.


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