Friday, March 9, 2007

Doubts Continue: The Google Mood Ring

I added the mood ring to my Google toolbar last week, on a girlish (cough) whim. It's been wrong non-stop since I added it. I keep it now because I like to check in on what my mood is supposed to be. Right now, for example, my mood is "Dark Blue: Impassioned, delighted, whiff of romance."

If my mood ring had looked everywhere, and forever, for a mood that is least like my mood right this minute, it could not find it.

If I were less aware than I am, I might attribute this to my being a lady of mystery. I know better. No mystery here.

God, how I'd love to write moods for Google:

Chartreuse: Grateful, yet peevish. Whiff of self-indulgence
Burnt umber: Boisterous, physically expressive, yet emotionally constipated
Firebrick: Whiff of hot tamale, belies cold, rigid interior
Madder lake deep: Madcap, feminine passion; for males this indicates sensitivity--time to ask her what's wrong

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