Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally, An Answer.

My best friend is from Kansas. She's had a magnet on her refrigerator of this image for as long as I've known her. Finally Neatorama gives me the lowdown on this book:

THE GODS HATE KANSAS by Joseph Millard

It began with the landing of nine meteors in Kansas. Then, suddenly, it exploded into a massive catastrophe. First, the meteorite investigating team were turned into automatons, ruled by an unknown, alien intelligence.

They barricaded themselves from the world and began building a rocket project, aimed at traversing the stars.

Then the Crimson Plague struck, sweeping over Earth’s population, destroying human capacities and defying scientific probing. Only a few escaped the invasion from outer space, among them astrophysicist Curt Temple, whose girlfriend, Lee Mason, was enslaved, her personality changed.

Curt knew he had to pit his slim knowledge against the most perfect intelligence in the cosmos to save the world - and the woman he loved.

I know exactly how Curt feels. I'm constantly having to pit my slim knowledge against the cosmos in order to save the world.

In fact, I'm doing that right this minute.

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