Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Molotov Alva

I posted a few days ago re: the film made in Second life with Molotov Alva as its subject.

This is the blurb about the mini-movie from the Submarine Channel, whence it came:

'My Second Life' was shot entirely in the popular online world Second Life. On one of his SL visits, filmmaker Douglas Gayeton comes across a series of seven video dispatches by a character who uses the name Molotov Alva. This triggers Gayeton's curiosity. Apparently, a man by the same name disappeared from his real world California home in January 2007. Gayeton put Alva's dispatches together into a documentary of seven episodes. Will Gayeton succeed in finding the answers he's looking for? Will he find out who this Molotov Alva really is? Find out more in episode 1.

If you listen to the introduction of the film, it sounds as if Douglas Gayeton is doing a Blair Witch Project in Second Life. And that's also what it looks like--and I still like the way it looks.

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