Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Poseidon Adventure Averted

Did anyone notice that the good ship NYSE righted itself, and enough to keep sailing, not just floating.

Everyone knew it would be it gave the 24/7 news folks something to talk about between Anna Nicole's death/subsequent trashy 'where should we plant her' trial and Britney's meltdown.

Thank God for us--Hillary Rodham Clinton was on the case and enough to send a scolding letter to Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke, because, as she said from the Senate floor:

"When it comes to the fiscal recklessness and economic fatalism of the current administration, the writing might not be on the wall but yesterday the writing was on the Big Board. The economic policies of the last six years have contributed to an erosion of US economic sovereignty and have made us more dependent on the economic decisions of other nations," said Senator Clinton. "We need to take steps to restore fiscal responsibility and sound economic policies based on the facts not ideology."

As concerned as Ms. Rodham Clinton is about foreign-held debt, I doubt we will ever see her exercise herself over the fact that the 'Federal' Reserve is a private institution, privately held by private banks. They have more to do with our economic woes than anyone else. How about that for a platform, Ms. Rodham Clinton?

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